Preface to the draft Neutral calendar

The third Millennium has come, and every sane person wonders how his descendants and all mankind as a whole will live in the future. Of course, everyone wants his future descendants to live in a safe, prosperous society with a high standard of living and humane laws. It's hard to believe, but it will take some time, and bypassing all the hardships, the long-awaited Divine world order will be established on Earth. Of course, this will not happen on its own, because there are inherent conditions for this, namely religion tolerance and harmony between science and religion. These are the essential conditions without which there will be a spiritual crisis, and as a consequence, a global catastrophe. In order not to bring the situation in the world to a critical point of no return, it is necessary to act prudently. The main question remains, what methods and actions are possible to avoid global chaos and catastrophe? Fans of the Neutral calendar, as True peacekeepers are sure that will help the calendar project Neutral2006, which is offered for everyone to see. Someone reasonably ask; and what is the relationship between the calendar and the future well-being of mankind? This can not be immediately understood, but if you have patience and become more familiar with this project, you will discover a new worldview, which in the end, will always bring you moral and spiritual satisfaction

About the benefits and prospects of a Neutral calendar

In addition to the fact that the draft Neutral calendar contains environmental and socio – economic potential, its main advantage is still a peacekeeping mission. This is connected with the name of the 12 months of the NC, which are devoted to the Central personalities of world religions and thinkers of antiquity (a similar approach with the names of famous figures of the past was applied in the calendar of Auguste Comte). Analyzing the visual table of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", the story of God's Providence is gradually revealed from the perspective of the past, present and future time. Using a visual table, try to consistently understand some of the features of the cycle under discussion.

Many people believe that the creed they profess is the priority and the only true, and all others are wrong or secondary. Meanjwhile, such thinking is the main cause of all inter-religious conflicts, and this problem is no less urgent than nationalism or racism. Every year on the basis of interreligious crimes occur that take many lives completely innocent people. So what are the root causes of these disasters and how can this situation be reversed? The history of the "knowledge of good and evil", was certainly predetermined by God in order that in the end, after the formation of world religions, the Divine world order and civilized life on Earth was achieved. It is important to recognize that only through joint efforts is it possible to cope with the threats of the Millennium and, above all, with international extremism. Speaking of these problems, it should be noted that the calendar project Neutral2006 contains a peacekeeping potential capable of clearing the noble crops of true religion, from the radical weed that creates violence on Earth. It is clear as day that the peace projects, the radicals of various stripes shunned like the devil from Holy water, and thus voluntarily put themselves beyond the bounds of righteousness. Since the popularization of the NС contributes to the spiritual and moral repression of extremism, and hence its systematic eradication, a more effective method of bloodless struggle against this evil, simply can not be found. The multicultural Internet community - the Federation of the Neutral calendar, represented by NC Fans, follows such a peacemaking approach. The NCF calls on God-Loving and optimistic people to support and continue good initiatives in the name of the well-being of future generations. Having studied the features of this project, You can create your own website and a team of coordinators of the NCF of your country. Site domain for China, may look like this –, for Russia, for America, and so on, for any country in the world (options are possible). Supporting the basic idea of the project, you can edit, Supplement and translate the text of this comment into your native language, with the condition not to make changes in the structure of the NC, in the name of months and in the "Historical cycle of Adam and eve". In the process of this activity, you can independently dispose of the funds received from donations or other sponsorship, the costs of the content of the site, activities related to the promotion of NC, and for the necessary material support of the coordinators of the NCF of their country.

Environmental aspect of the Neutral calendar

First of all, it concerns the solution of environmental problems associated with the green cover of the Earth. For the production of various calendars and paper for all kinds of recalculations associated with the asymmetry of the current calendar, a myriad of forests – the "lungs" of our planet-are destroyed. Then this wood follows on processing of the pulp and paper industry, one of the most harmful, from the ecological point of view, productions.As for the green cover of the Earth, the same applies to living beings living in forests and directly dependent on these conditions, and then there are many other consequences in a single ecological system. The uniqueness of the Neutral calendar is that it remains unchanged from year to year, and does not require additional destruction of the forest for the production of paper. Environmental issues in the third Millennium began to receive some attention, as can be evidenced by the interstate Paris agreements on climate reached in 2015, but for a planetary scale, this is only a drop in the sea.

On the problem of the modern Gregorian calendar

(From F. S. Zavelsky materials "Time and its measurement»)

"The disadvantages of the modern Gregorian calendar are not in its inaccuracy and not in the system of leap, but in the imperfection of its internal structure:

a) The days of the week are not consistent with the number of months, both in different years and within one year, not to mention the longer periods of time;

b) Half-years, quarters, months contain various number of days: half-years - 181, 182, 184; quarters - 90, 91, 92; months - 28, 29, 30, 31 days that brings the mass of inconveniences to economic calculations and planning;

с) Weeks alternate regardless of the duration and number of the month, hence the presence in the months of the so-called "split weeks»;

d) The beginning of different months falls on different and unstable days of the week. Because of this, the number of working days varies in different months of one year and in the same months of the following years (from 24 to 27), and holidays move ("slide") on all days of the week, which necessitates government orders to postpone the weekend.

The General consequence of such imperfect internal structure of the modern Gregorian calendar are burdensome inconvenience in the planning and statistics monthly products, in the preparation of schedules and schedules (e.g., traffic classes in universities, etc.) that are violated at the end of the months that contain more or less than 30 days. All this explains the emergence (in the first half of the XIX century.) the idea of reform of the Gregorian calendar as a radical way to eliminate its main shortcomings. Speaking about its reform (for several centuries), we do not mean a change in the type of calendar or the introduction of new methods of counting leap years. We are talking exclusively about the rearrangement of days in the year, in which the length of months, quarters and half-years would be relatively proportional, and the New year came on the same day of the week, for example, on Sunday.

The United Nations has already considered many calendar projects, the best of which was the Y2K-Millennium project, which was provided by the world calendar Association (TWCA - Kansas). The Federation of the Neutral calendar, which is similar in its goals, is preparing to present an alternative project to the UN experts, in which months, quarters and half-years are proportional, and a constant day of the week is fixed for each day of the year. The project Neutral2006 can be considered an improved Gregorian calendar that is acceptable to the forthcoming reform of the calendar. At the Amateur level, the Neutral calendar is active since 2006 (the first year of the III Millennium, which begins (!) and ends on Sunday). Neutral calendar is counting down, as well as Gregorian calendar, from the beginning of our era (details in the section parameters NC).

From the author of the Neutral calendar

The background of the project Neutral2006 is interconnected with its author and is briefly stated, out of the motives to clarify the topic under discussion, for a wide range of readers.

In the summer of 1994, missionaries of the unification Church (Universal Peace Federation) visited my home in Ashgabat and spoke about the Divine Principle, which was formulated by Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012), known to the world as the restored Adam or the True Father. In the process of studying the Divine Principle and the previous Abrahamic creeds, a logical sequence arose before me, which was later formed in the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" (see the title of the months of the NC). In our enlightened time, the student knows that the birth of human civilization is not one million years, and the formation of the solar system and its planets is not one billion years. So why is the biblical creation of the world, which took place about six thousand years ago (according to the biblical chronology) to this day, is at the forefront of the Abrahamic beliefs? Yes all because in this text the Divine sense and secret of Providence of the Creator, and His intention concerning the future of mankind as a crown of the creation is hidden. The table of the "Historical cycle of Adam and eve" allows us to look objectively at the sequence of God's Providence of restoration, explaining how after the fall of the biblical ancestors of mankind - Adam and eve, the efforts of God's Messengers erected a "Spiritual world" consisting of traditional religions. Here and the Holy Land, and the Holy water on earth, and Sacred the sky on which the Holy moon, Saints Clouds and Sacred the Sun of Truth. The culmination of this Divine process was the appearance of the restored Adam and eve, that is, Dr. Moon and his wife. At the heart of Dr. moon's creed are family values in a Divine manner.

On the creed of Dr. Moon, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia - free encyclopedia. "The book of the Divine Principle is an unprecedented new worldview, a new cosmology, a new view of life, a new view of Providence and history. It is an integrated principle that encompasses all religions, doctrines and philosophical principles while retaining the unique characteristics of each." Turning to humanity, Reverend Moon predicted that the root causes of the impending problems that will occur in the third Millennium lie in the disunity of world religions, and the roots of these problems should be sought in this context. Doing everything to overcome the barriers between religions, Dr. Moon in his appeals to the world says: "God does not see differences between denominations and does not participate in minor disputes about a particular doctrine. The great heart of God does not distinguish between people by nationality and race, and for Him there are no boundaries between States and cultures." The contribution of this outstanding Man to the peace process on the planet has yet to be studied in the future. It is well known that the fate of all God's messengers was littered with various kinds of attacks, and in the case of Jesus Christ, it came to an extreme measure. As it happens with people of this level, the monk moon during his life also had plenty of ill-wishers, but he remained faithful to God and to his mission. In a place with his wife Mrs. Moon, they went through their lives as restored Adam and eve, and became known in the world as the True Parents (the first and second month of NC, dedicated to this Union).

Thanks to the possibilities of Internet resources, you can learn more about the peacekeeping activities of Reverend Moon, as well as Federations that He founded in the name of strengthening peace in the world Extract from Wikipedia;

"The Federation for universal peace is a non-governmental organization formed by Sun Myung Moon in 2005 in New York, which has consultative status with the UN ECOSOC. The organization is known for its international League of peace ambassadors of 100,000 dignitaries around the world in searchn spiritual prosperity. According to the official UN website, the Federation for universal peace is a global Union of organizations and individuals dedicated to building a world of peace in which all people, without exception, can live in freedom and harmonious coexistence. The Federation for universal peace is pursuing middle East peace initiatives aimed at reconciling Jews, Christians and Muslims. In 1975, Sun Myung Moon established the international Fund for assistance and friendship, a Fund that carries out programmes to implement the Millennium Goals in the middle East, Haiti and African countries. In 1992, Ms. Moon founded an affiliated organization, the women's Federation for world peace, and toured many countries."

For a certain time, the "Historical cycle of Adam and eve" did not have its complete form, until I had a chance to get acquainted with the doctrine of bahá'í. This peace-loving creed was given to humanity by Bahá'u'lláh, known to the world as the Creator of God in the mid-19th century. Excerpt from Wikipedia; "Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892) is revered as the latest in a series of "appearances of God", which in addition of Bahá'u'lláh included Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, the Bab (forerunner of Baha'u'llah)". Baha'u'llah predicted after the next of the applicant to God, willing his followers to take His word. The bahá'í world community centre is located in Haifa. In many countries, the beautiful temples of bahá'í rise, and in the Holy land on the slope of mount Carmel stands the world House of Justice, which is the world coordinating center of the community. Excerpt from Wikipedia; "UNESCO has entered the world bahá'í centre in the register of world heritage. Thus, the Baha'i gardens in Haifa and Badji became the first attractions in the UNESCO register, which are associated with religious traditions that arose in the modern period of history." "The international community of bahá'í is recognized by the UN as a non-governmental organization with consultative status. It is accredited to the UN Economic and Social Council and the International organization for children of UNICEF and cooperates with these organizations in many areas. "As well-known, this traditional religion confesses is the fundamental principles of faith. Uses special traditional calendar.

If you look at the history of Providence from the standpoint of common sense, the very fact of the fall of the biblical ancestors of mankind, logically implies a Divine process of spiritual recovery. The content of the "Historical cycle of Adam and eve", makes it possible to objectively comprehend the world-purpose related traditional religions in their historical relationship. In this sense, they are inseparable from one another and are a consequence of God's Providence. In the rituals of the Abrahamic beliefs one can see a certain sequence of the creation of the Spiritual world, reflecting the creation of the biblical material world, from the Earth to the Sun. The historical mission of the calendar project is to call representatives of world confessions to a constructive dialogue and the formation of the Divine world order.

As the author of the NC project, brought up in a multicultural environment, I adhere to a neutral position, strengthening friendship with all world religions, perceiving them as they are. It must be admitted that with the popularization of the NC, there will be a wide recognition of young religions and the world-purpose of religion as a whole. Creative nickname - Adaam Svetlyi appeared not casual, it reflects my attitude to the young religions "the Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", that is, to the creed of Dr. Moon and the Baha'i creed, which is translated from Persian language literally means "Light". Historically, it is necessary that initially between the world House of Justice and the Federation for universal peace, there is a fruitful dialogue that will serve as a positive example for the development of a full-scale inter-confessional dialogue with other, older world creeds. Referring to the history of the biblical brothers-Cain and Abel, mutual recognition of related denominations should occur in the reverse order, that is, from the older religions to the younger historically established creeds. Community of bahá'í in relation to the unification Church, Islam in relation to bahá'í, Christianity in relation to Islam, Judaism in relation to Christianity. Thanks to this principle, there may be prerequisites for joint action and a way out of the seemingly impasse in which at the moment of history is a modern society. At the present time, when the creeds of the "Historical cycle of Adam and eve" have fully completed the sequence of creation of the "Spiritual world", there is every reason to believe that the popularization of the NC project will effectively contribute to the timely stabilization of international relations, in this difficult period of current history.

The idea to create a Neutral calendar, as a consolidating platform between world religions and cultures of the peoples of the world, came to me over time. In General, the entire preparatory process took time, which can be divided into three successive stages. The first stage, which began after 1994, was devoted to the study, understanding and analysis of the relationship between related creeds, as a result of which the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" was formed. In the process of searching it turned out that authoritative analysts had previously argued that the introduction of the world calendar brings to mankind environmental, socio - economic and other benefits. Given that the topic of calendar reform remains relevant, it was decided to move the peacekeeping potential of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" to a solid calendar basis. The second phase, which began after 2005, was devoted to the study of calendar topics and the preparation of an individual calendar project that could become an alternative to existing projects. The third, the current stage, which began in 2017, involves work on the popularization of the Neutral2006 calendar project. Since the goal of popularizing this project is a calendar reform, the very fact of the reform will be marked by the completion of the third stage.

Speaking about the reform of the calendar, it should be emphasized that it is not about the abolition of any of the existing traditional calendars. Fans of the Neutral calendar advocate the use of age-old traditional calendars, whether Jewish, Gregorian, Julian, lunar Muslim, Buddhist, Zoroastrian or Baha'i calendar (Badi), for personal religious events. This is the initial position of the Federation and Fans of NC, respectively. We are talking about the use of a single, neutral system of chronology in civil society.

Harmony between science and religion in the third Millennium

A stumbling block in the issue of reform in favor of new projects is the violation of the constant continuity of the week at the end of each calendar year. This is mainly due to the biblical story of the six-day creation of the world and other well-established age-old traditions. This issue has already been raised at the level of the Ecumenical Council, but the issue was postponed with the wording; "...unless suddenly there are very good reasons for which the Apostolic Council will have a judgment." Judging by the situation that is developing in the world, such "very good reasons" have appeared since the beginning of the third Millennium. I want to believe that in the near future, representatives of traditional world religions will come to a consensus on the introduction of an updated universal calendar. In this matter, a compromise between the representatives of science and religion can arise at an opportune moment.

In contrast to religion, scientific atheism denies the existence of God, although many modern and past scholars have assumed the existence of a universal God as the Supreme mind. It must be admitted that at present there is no complete, exhaustive answer to this question, and therefore the disharmony between science and religion persists. Discussing this topic, it should be said that in the new Millennium, the harmony between science and religion should reach its apogee, as a pattern of Divine Providence, since the Creator owns both the spiritual and the physical world. Man himself, being the totality of these two worlds, strives for harmony of his soul with his body. Let's try to understand a little why the disharmony between science and religion persists?

By interpreting certain biblical texts verbatim, that is, literally, there is a confrontation between science and religion. In this regard, it is necessary to interpret the allegorical meaning of biblical texts in detail, so that they acquire a clear, understandable meaning for modern man. For example, "the tree of knowledge of good and evil", or how, can not be a material tree in the literal sense. From the standpoint of common sense, this may mean that humanity had to overcome the history of knowledge of good and evil, on the way to achieving the Divine world order, embodying the "tree of life". In Jesus ' walking on water and ascension on a cloud, there is also a hidden meaning that speaks of victory on the next spiritual level. For example, the moon, which according to legend, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing to Him) cut with a sword, also means a spiritual victory won at the appropriate spiritual level. These and many other allegorical turns, have the intimate sense available for understanding of the modern person.This kind of features clarifies the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve."

The historical period of "knowledge of good and evil" systematically begins its completion, and is in the process of transition. This difficult long period of history, mankind inevitably had to overcome in order to eventually achieve the Divine world order and understanding of the laws of life. Paradoxically, the rise of scientific and technological progress was largely facilitated by various conflicts, but everything up to a certain time needs a limit. In fact, the current situation in the world is a consequence of the lack of spirituality, despite the fact that every world creed interprets the priority of spiritual values over material ones. Representatives of world religions, as teachers of spirituality, should realize the responsibility for the future of the planet, which God created for the universal, harmonious coexistence of peoples. Now, when historically formed equal denominations discussed "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", it is time for a thorough discussion of the overdue topic, as interfaith relations and spiritual harmony in the bosom of each individual denomination. From the point of view of today it becomes obvious that without purposeful movement in this direction, in the near future humanity is threatened by spiritual and moral chaos, with all the ensuing consequences. In order to understand this, it is not necessary to be a visionary, it is enough to objectively comprehend the current reality of the events taking place in the world. Like it or not, everything that surrounds us first of all belongs to God, and is given to man for civilized use, and what happens in reality? Fans of NC are confident that, together, it is possible to heal and save the planet for our descendants. Calendar peacekeeping project - Neutral 2006, intends to contribute to these goals.

A neutral calendar, as a result of the historical process

Returning to the project Neutral2006 I must say that it is a logical consequence of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", plus the result of centuries of experience, without which it would be impossible to achieve the proper parameters. It is naive to assume that a full-scale reform, the matter of the near future, but the fact of popularization of the Neutral calendar, even in the form of a project, is already beginning to make our world more secure and predictable. Work on the implementation of this project will be correctly regarded as collective work aimed at the benefit of peace and prosperity of all peoples of the Earth.

Calendar topics discussed for decades, and in this process involved many individuals, but the leader of the calendar movement can rightly be considered Elizabeth Achelis (1880-1973), who devoted her life to the promotion of calendar reform, in favor of a single world calendar (in its current form is known as the project "Y2K"). The contribution of this master of his craft is difficult to overestimate. In this sense, each member of the calendar movement can rightly consider himself the successor of Elizabeth Achelis.

The name of the months in the project Neutral2006, is aimed at the systematic strengthening of international relations, which is encouraging, but not excluded and a combined project called "Y2K – Neutral", which applies the internal structure of Neutral2006, but uses the classic name of the months and holiday dates from the project Y2K. This version is also presented on the pages of our website, but requires joint consultations with TWCA, which in the future promises a possible fruitful cooperation. Calendar reform is inevitable and if You are not indifferent to this coming event, please write to us which of the discussed projects (see parameters NC) in Your opinion is acceptable and can become a single world calendar of the coming New era.

Who are they - Fans of a Neutral calendar?

The Internet community of Fans of a Neutral calendar unites not indifferent, truly believing and loving God people regardless of their religion, nationality and race. A fan of a Neutral calendar can be a person without religion, but who is not indifferent to the problems occurring on Earth. This is a person who will not support actions against any race, nationality, will not allow himself statements that hurt the feelings of believers of other faiths, perceiving them as they are. It is important to understand that being different in nationality, race or religion does not mean being hostile to each other, because diversity in a sense adorns our fragile world. The slogan of NC Fans is "religious Tolerance, harmony of science and religion, the Divine world order", as a universal goal. From this position is built the etiquette of religion tolerance, which should be observed to achieve these goals.

Thanks to the participation and support of Fans of the Neutral calendar, the project Neutral 2006 continues to gain its popularity and progression in successive steps, thus bringing closer the Divine world order, at the dawn of which is a modern society.

What does the progression of the "Neutral calendar" mean?

To contribute to the progression, just download the universal gadget calendar which is available on our website, on the desktop of your computer (assumed version for smartphones). Help to establish this calendar to the relatives, friends and acquaintances not indifferent to destiny of a planet and our descendants. The progression you have created is proportional to Your personal contribution to the cause of peace on the planet and the formation of the Divine world order! The most active Fans of NC prefer to contribute to the progression on a permanent basis, as the project Neutral2006 openly sounds a call to tolerance and peace. All attempts to restrain this process should be regarded as an obstacle to the cause of peace on Earth, and therefore an obstacle to the will of God. There is no doubt that the number of Fans of NC will grow rapidly, because peacekeeping is a matter of pleasing to God! The activity Of fans of NC is mainly to promote a Neutral calendar, which is essentially a Teacher of the World, turning the eyes of people to God – the True Lord of the Universe!

The coordinators of the NCF are formed from among the fans of NC, according to their own wishes. All questions, suggestions and advice, you can get by e-mail listed below.

E-mail: or

Best wishes, author of NC - Adaam Svetlyi.



        The project “Neutral2006”, which offers a Neutral calendar Federation , divided into two thematic group. The first component analyzes the parameters of “Neutral2006” and its internal structure. The second component is devoted to the separate name



     This section is devoted to the name of the 12 months neutral calendar and is associated with traditional creeds and cultures. The history of mankind – is a history of wars and conflicts and often on religious grounds.



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